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ADB/Fastboot - Neverware CloudReady
I just managed to install ADB and Fastboot on my CloudReady device, and now you can too!

Just follow these steps and it will be fine. (most likely)

First of all you will need full R/W permission on your system, if you don't know how to get that you can read more about that here: [Link]

When you have full R/W permission to system (in terminal) type this to install ADB/Fastboot:
sudo su -
bash <(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/corbindavenport/nexus-tools/master/install.sh)

Thats it! now ADB/Fastboot should be installed!

To try it out and use it, type this:
adb devices -l

If your android device is plugged in you should see a screen for allowing ADB connection to your device and also your device should be listed like in the screenshot below:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1]

Your downloads folder should be located here for when you are using your ADB/Fastboot to flash files on your device:


Thanks to [Corbin Davenport] for making this availiable to us!

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