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Chrome OS / Chromium OS - Distro list
CloudReadyDev: 71.1.14 / Stable:
FydeOSR70 Dev / R64
ArnoldTheBatr60 / Daily might be 70?
Hexxehr57 / Discontinued! / Mirror
chromxUnknown / Exton Build 181218
Japanese something?r60Github / Official website (Japanese)

Missing one?

Do you know another distro not listed here? please feel free to share it in the comments below, this would help alot since covering everything is not easy. The current information needed is only their website and an official link to it.


If you are the owner of these distros and beleve they should not be listed here, contact us at any time so we could work this out. ^^


Well, alot of older computers don't have the hardware to run s full blown desktop os, and that's where chrome os comes in, lightweight and meant for the web. Fulfilling all the needs from an older computer or netbook is the goal and intention of using chrome os on unsuported hardware.

Does it work on my hardware?

Well, i can't check that for you, but you can boot chrome os from a usb or even burn it to a CD or DVD to try it out first. If everything expected to work is working then, go for it, you won't regret it. I have not tried CD/DVD since i have retired all my disc drives and are running everything from USB when i need to. Hardware support depends if someone have built for your device or one that have similar hardware. Im running a copy of NeverWare's CloudReady OS for Generic devices X64 and it runs great, except the audio 3.5 jack is totaly silent. it does how ever recognizes thta something is plugged in to the audio jack it self. not entirely sure whats not working tho.

Having Questions?

Incase you have anything to ask about these builds, i can only answer from my own experience, im not the developer of any of these operating systems. Contact the respective build maintainer if you are having issues with any of these builds.

Can we install apps?

Not at the moment, no. Since google have copyrighted the code to run apk files there is no way to do that right now. Yes, there is talk about it here: [Link comming soon]

Useful links:

To change language on FydeOS:
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